Martyn Iles interviews Senator Amanda Stoker

Should families be taxed as a unit instead of individually to help support a stay-at-home parent? Plus parental rights in schooling, transgender ideology, her Christian faith, identity politics, COVID mandates, and freedom of speech and religion.

A refreshing interview with Senator the Hon. Amanda Stoker, the Assistant Minister to the Attorney-General in Australia's federal government.

Only interested in certain topics? Skip forward to the following times...
0:01 - Introduction and Amanda's background
3:40 - Identity politics
4:49 - Her role as the Assistant Minister to the Attorney-General
6:23 - Outspoken backbenchers and crossbenchers
12:36 - Personal convictions for public service
16:56 - Priorities: Social policies vs. culture wars vs. economy
21:26 - Religious Discrimination Bill
25:55 - Christian schools
29:30 - Modern view that freedom of speech is harmful
34:05 - COVID restrictions and vaccine mandates
39:36 - Taxing families as a unit, not individuals
46:26 - Parental rights over what is taught in schools
51:00 - Transgender ideology in schools
54:05 - Biological males competing against female athletes
58:06 - Why Amanda is pro-life
1:01:07 - Adoption policies
1:03:14 - Amanda's passion for getting Australia's education curriculum back to basics
1:05:05 - Why should people vote for Amanda over an independent or minor candidate?
1:09:00 - How to vote on your Senate ballot
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