Making A Renaissance Gamurra by Hand, Part III: Sartorial Police, Sewing Tips and Sizing Issues!

My two-week Renaissance gown project has become a six month project; I apply my latest research and learnings, based on extant clothing, portraiture, and documentary evidence such as wills and inventories, not to mention 23 years of experience making this type of clothing.

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0:00 - 00:48 Intro & Review
00:49 Projecting in Florence and Pistoia
1:40 Progress Report & Planned Steps Going Forward
4:30 Sleeves
6:25 Opening and whipstitching a lacing hole
8:04 Buttonhole stitch to finish lacing hole
9:25 Stitching with fashion history of the gamurra
10:25 How to finish a whipstitch
10:40 Trying on the bodice with more fashion police history
13:07 Fitting tips and revisions
14:30 Next episode
14:57 Kitty Zen
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