Make Modern Shoes Historical (on a Budget!) | DIY Historical Fashion

One of the more challenging aspects of historical fashion is to find historical shoes to match your ensemble. Whilst there are historical replicas out there, oftentimes those options can prove expensive or inaccessible. Sometimes, there simply isn't a style that matches your colour palette. These are some of the issues I ran into designing the new historical dress (and accessories) I'm working on, so I decided to do a little DIY historical fashion using a modern shoe base and building from there.

In this video, I offer up what to look for when selecting your modern shoe base, along with the steps of the process I took to transform my DIY shoes. This definitely isn't a one shoes fits all solution, but if you're wanting to accessorise your historical ensemble on a budget, or simply have a more customisable option, this is a great place to start.

I hope you enjoyed watching this video and it has offered up some useful ideas! Thanks so much!

Yours, etc.
V. Birchwood

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Goal Shoe Example:
Shoe Clips:
C. 1900 -
C. 1920 -
Strap Style:
Wrap Ribbons 1830s -
Wrap Ribbons 1812 -
No Strap ca. 1880 -
With Strap 1887 -
Toe Shape:
Round Toe 1888 -
Square Toe Mid 19th-century -
Pointed Toe 1780-99 -
Curved Heel:
C. 1875-85 -
1720-49 -
1690-1700 -
C. 1910 -
Shoe Buckles:
Late 18th century -
Late 17th century -
Ca. 1880 -
C. 1901-1910 -,_pair_(AM_2000.68.12-1).jpg
Auckland Museum, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Victorian Renaissance Revival Fashion:
1890 -
1890-93 Bodice -
1890s -
1879 -

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