Law and Order in Ancient Rome - How did it work? FULL DOCUMENTARY

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This history documentary series covers Law & Order in Ancient Rome. The combined episode includes the following chapters:
00:00 Introduction
02:57 The Law
16:06 The Courts
29:25 The Prisons
39:55 The Police
53:36 The Peace in the Provinces

In the first chapter we consider the very foundation of Law & Order by examining the Law itself. We cover this subject by tracing its chronological evolution from the Roman Monarchy to the Roman Republic and finally the Roman Empire.

In the second chapter we examine how laws were interpreted and applied by Rome's judicial system as over the years. This includes the emergence of many aspects of Roman justice like judges, lawyers, juries, and more which will seem very familiar to us today.

In the third chapter we look at the practice of prisons which did indeed exist but served a far smaller role than our own form of mass incarceration today.

In the fourth chapter we turn our attention to Law Enforcement in Ancient Rome which included such elements as the Vigiles, the Praetorian Guard, and more.

And finally we conclude with the fifth chapter which addresses the wider law and order across the Empire.

Research: Chris Das Neves
Script: Chris Das Neves
Art: Beverly Johnson
Editing: Invicta

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