Langston Hughes, Zuihitsu, and the Harlem Renaissance - A presentation by the Cave Canem group

Created by the Cave Canem group.
TRIGGER WARNING: This presentation includes a poem with a term that can be seen as offensive to others. A term that was used widely in the time period in which the poem was written. Also mentions aspects such as death and shooting.
This presentation covers the history of the Harlem Renaissance, and a famous poet that emerged from it, Langston Hughes. We also cover and analyze poems from then and from today, and introduce students to the Zuihitsu, a Japanese form of poetry that emphasizes randomness over order.

0:00 Video Introduction
0:11 Harlem Renaissance
0:58 Langston Hughes Poem (Pause here for video)
1:01 Poem Analysis
1:54 Cave Canem History
2:53 "Bullet Points" poem
5:50 Zuihitsu History
6:33 Zuihitsu Activity

Links for videos:
Langston Hughes Poem:

Bullet Points Poem:

Thank you all for watching our video!
-Phillip Trepp, Xavier Singh, Joseph Dean, Nick Castain, Spencer DeClerq
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