Lance Wallnau: Revival Comes When We Get Up and Go (Mark 16:15)

Lance Wallnau: Revival Comes When We Get Up and Go (Mark 16:15)
Lance speaks at the International Church of Las Vegas on 1/31/2021. Quotes: “The Lord said, "The flaw in your theory is I said, “Go ye,” not, “Come ye." This must go into education, into government, into media, into entertainment, into business. The disciples WENT into all the world. I thought “all the world meant” Mozambique with Heidi Baker or with a missionary. No! All the world is all the systems, not just the missionary church, but invading the corrupt government.”

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Where the culture is going to take you, will not be where you want to go. That means we're going to have to have a serious recapturing of the cockpit. There's going to have to be a divine intervention that's going to take place. That is going to reverse the course of what's happening in America. Now, why would I be telling you that? Well, you've had President Trump here a couple of times. This is an embassy in the spirit.

But this is not just political. The seven mountains are something which God wants to get launched and relaunched in the church. While we have the board here, I'll give it to you that there is a scroll that wants to be released to us. What we've had with these seven mountains that we're talking about is while the church was focusing on its revival focus, which is legit.

Revival creates the environment for the spirit of God to move within the nation. But revival is usually grass roots and geography. What you'll find is, during the Great Awakenings, there were pockets of revival and awakening. You would see them in Northampton, Mass. You'd see them in various parts of the country. What the Lord told me to tell you is that Las Vegas is one of the few that will be a city experiencing revival.

Most of the time, they are small rural communities because for a revival to be sustained, it must penetrate different mind molders of culture. What we found out when I got this revelation a little bit further down the road, is that we are up against the Gates of Influence. Satan can't be everywhere." He tries to invade the family and community mountain, he becomes a community organizer, he redefines what a mother and a father looks like. Then he takes over education, so that he can grab hold of your children underneath your roof and disciple them.

Then the government comes along. We'll send the FBI after you if you mess with the education when they had their school board meetings, and then the government has their laws that are going to mandate that you do what the government wants. Then the media is constantly bombarding you with their information sending out in the airways, fake news so that you feel like maybe there's something wrong with you if you don't think it sounds like what you're hearing is true. The media is lying. Government's legislating. Education is propagandizing and families being compromised.

The church is being backed up, wondering whether it's going to go into persecution. Well, why not? Everything's getting hostile out there. Then you go to the arts community and arts and entertainment, and you start having everything from Netflix, everything else normalizing what's bizarre.

And then finally your business and your banking is killing off the small businesses and building the big businesses so that they're the only survivors and Wall Street, the globalists are trying to change the economic system so they end up at the top of the heap in charge of all seven, working with government and business in collusion.

That's what you call a fascist state. When the government and industry take over all your lives and you all become serfs working for the government business. That's what fascism is. So you got those, and what I'm amazed at is these are the Gates of Influence. Well, Jesus says, "I will build my church and the gates of Hell will not prevail." Well, you see, Satan goes up here because he has disproportionate leverage, which is why he wants to have the Supreme Court justice.

Which is why he must have the president, vice president, and control Congress and the Senate. In other words, he wants to be at the top here so he can have leverage over everything else. Satan is a strategist. The demons also have certain, they're limited. They're not everywhere. So, they concentrate their power in the cockpit because that is where they can control the plane. Now, so where does the church got to go? Grassroots revival creates an environment where breakthrough can happen but watch this.
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