King Nimrod & The Tower Of Babel (Origins Of Babylon Documentary 2022)

King Nimrod & The Tower Of Babel, the origins of the city of Babylon is explained through this 2022 biblical documentary.

We go through the King James Bible (KJV) in this 2022 documentary to explain the king Nimrod, the mighty hunter, and the tower he built at Babel, to see how it relates to Babylon, and what prophecy it fortold.

Many Christians go to the book of Enoch & the book of Jasher to explain Nimrod and the tower of Babel, but we purely use the King James Bible's (KJV) to show you the origins of the spiritual Babylon.

The best way to do this is through this 2022 documentary which shows you the scriptures on video, explains the history, and tells you exactly the spiritual meaning behind this Christian bible prophecy.

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