Japan during WW1 ???????? The Great War in Asia

Japan during WW1: serving the Entente powers, Japan was one of the greatest victors of WW1.

▶️ Japan entered WW1 on the side of the Entente powers for numerous reasons and would benefit heavily from WW1. Japan would attack and occupy Tsingtao and many German Colonies in the Pacific such as the Marianas, Caroline's, and Marshall Islands.

▶️ Britain would ask for Japan's assistance in WW1 to help hunt down the German East Asia Squadron and defend allied commerce and troopships in the Pacific, Indian and Mediterranean oceans. Britain would also ask Japan to help with the Singapore Sepoy Mutiny.

▶️ The Imperial Japanese Navy fought the German and Austro-Hungarian U-boats in the Mediterranean sea saving countless allied lives.

▶️ Japan and America found themselves allied during WW1 despite their tense relationship. This would heat up further during the Siberian Intervention when multiple nations were sent to help the Russian White Army defeat the Red Army.

▶️ After WW1 ended, Japan was given a seat at the Paris Peace Conference to sign the Treaty of Versailles. Japan would earn recognition as a Great Power, but would be slighted against when they proposed the Racial Equality proposal by the United States and Australia. This would become a major reason for the Japanese Empire beginning the Pacific War.

00:00 Intro Video
00:32 Introduction
01:09 How Japan joined WW1
02:28 Japanese Red Cross
03:00 IJN aids allied commerce
03:40 Japan attacks German Colonies
05:55 Anzac attacks German Colonies
06:40 Singapore Sepoy Mutiny
06:57 IJN North American Task Force
07:20 IJN in the Mediterranean
10:22 American-Japanese Relations
11:35 The Siberian Intervention
15:47 The Paris Peace Conference & Treaty of Versailles
18:00 Conclusions

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