Istanbul: City of Spies - WW2 - Spies & Ties 18

Neutral Turkey appears to be an island of peace in a sea of war. But if you look a little closer though and there’s another story. Assassins ply their deadly trade. Spies slip in and out of occupied Europe. The Allies and Axis battle for influence. The secret war is in full swing.

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Hosted by: Astrid Deinhard
Director: Astrid Deinhard
Producers: Astrid Deinhard and Spartacus Olsson
Executive Producers: Astrid Deinhard, Indy Neidell, Spartacus Olsson
Creative Producer: Marek Kamiński
Community Management: Ian Sowden
Written by: James Newman
Research by: James Newman
Edited by: Karolina Dołęga
Artwork and color grading by: Mikołaj Uchman
Sound design by: Marek Kamiński
Colorizations by:
- Mikołaj Uchman
- Daniel Weiss
- Norman Stewart - https://oldtimesincolor.blogspot.com/
- Klimbim

Source literature list: http://bit.ly/WW2sources

Archive footage: Screenocean/Reuters - https://www.screenocean.com

Image sources:
National Archives NARA
Imperial War Museums HU 90349
Portrait of Sir Douglas Laird Busk courtesy of National Portrait Gallery
Portrait of Leonid Aleksandrovich Eitingon - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nahum_Eitingon#/media/File:Nahum_Eitingon.png

Soundtracks from Epidemic Sound:
- Break Free - Fabien Tell.mp3
- Last Point of Safe Return - Fabien Tell.mp3
- London - Howard Harper-Barnes.mp3
- March Of The Brave 10 - Rannar Sillard.mp3
- Other Sides of Glory - Fabien Tell.mp3
- Please Hear Me Out STEMS INSTRUMENTS - Philip Ayers.mp3
- Potential Redemption - Max Anson.mp3
- Rememberance - Fabien Tell.mp3
- Symphony of the Cold-Blooded - Christian Andersen.mp3
- The Inspector 4 - Johannes Bornlöf.mp3
- Weapon of Choice - Fabien Tell.mp3
- When They Fell - Wendel Scherer.mp3

A TimeGhost chronological documentary produced by OnLion Entertainment GmbH.
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