Inflation and the Fall of Rome - Economic History DOCUMENTARY

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In this animated history documentary we look at the phenomenon of inflation in ancient Rome. We begin with a definition of Inflation and the ways in which today people seek to explain inflation. However due to a lack of detailed economic records with which to calculate precise figures, researchers are instead left to reconstruct the past by way of other indicators. One of the key pieces of data is ancient coinage. Thus our documentary focuses on a retelling of Roman history through the story of its coinage. This gives us a fascinating new look into the Rise and Fall of Rome.

Research = Chris Das Neves & Dr. Christina Hotalen
Script = Chris Das Neves & Dr. Christina Hotalen
Art = Beverly Johnson
Editing = Penta Limited

Sources and Suggested Reading:
"Coinage in the Roman World" by Andrew Burnett
"The Handbook of Roman Imperial Coins" by David Van Meter
"The Oxford Handbook of Greek and Roman Coinage" by William E. Metcalf
"A Manual of Roman Coins" by William Boyne

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