Indigenous Knowledge & The Psychedelic Renaissance- Part 1: The Ancient History of Entheogens

Indigenous Knowledge & The Psychedelic Renaissance- Part 1: The Ancient History of Entheogens. Host: Ronan Peck. Videography: Alex Campos, Kazzrie Hekati & John Hock.
Thurs, Sept 30, 2021

3:44 - What are Entheogens?
4:53 - Psilocybin
6:20 - Mixtec & Aztec Culture
8:15 - Peyote
10:03 - Native American Church
10:58 - Ayahuasca
15:58 - Conclusion
16:31 - Q&A

Ronan Peck (they/them) has been part of the Portland Psychedelic Society since 2019, building presentations about various topics within the psychedelic healing world - including microdosing, psychedelic assisted psychotherapy, and integration.

This video is Part 1 of a 5-month long series on the topic of their undergrad thesis –
the convergence between the current psychedelic renaissance (which is largely based in Western understanding of science) and Indigenous knowledge of psychedelics which has existed for thousands of years. As it stands right now, the vast expanse of Indigenous knowledge is unfortunately being ignored and largely undermined by psychedelic researchers, for a number of reasons which they explain in their presentations.

The benefit of psychedelic assisted psychotherapy is not reaching BIPOC as it rightfully should, considering the Indigenous history of entheogens. This is a complicated topic. In each presentation they focus on a different element of the issue in order to provide a deeper understanding of the whole.

List of Presentations:

1. The Ancient History of Entheogens.
Thurs, Sept 30, 2021
Presentation and discussion of the vast Indigenous human history of entheogens (psychoactive compounds that are used for and in ritual and spiritual practice).

2. The Modern, Western Understanding of Psychedelic Science & Healing
Thurs, Oct 28, 2021
The basis of a new type of psychedelic understanding: a Western, scientific understanding. One perception doesn’t negate or lessen the other.
How could these different insights work in tandem with one another?

3. The War on Drugs and Structural Racism (Part One)
Thurs, Dec 30, 2021
Why Indigenous history and scientific understanding currently aren’t working in tandem with one another.

4. The War on Drugs and Structural Racism (Part Two)
Sat, Jan 29, 2022
What structural racism is, and the history behind the War on Drugs.

5. The Importance of a Convergence Between Science & Indigenous Knowledge
Sat, Feb 26, 2022
Where the Psychedelic Renaissance currently stands and where we should aim to go with it.

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(trailer version nov 19, 2021)
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