How to answer the 'How Useful' question - Weimar and Nazi Germany GCSE Edexcel History

We're taking a look at #Paper 3 #Question 3a, which asks you #how #useful . We'll be looking at what that means, #common #mistakes and how to make sure you get #full #marks. I introduce the #COP structure and link it to the #mark #scheme, then walk you through a #model #answer.

#Model #Answer https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bNWt8NfK8KAAoAjZuY4HBALaW3JCv6Id/view?usp=sharing

#Q3a #Worksheet

This covers the #Edexcel #GCSE #History syllabus for paper 3. It will be useful no matter which exam board you are studying though.

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00:27 Basics
01:12 Understanding the Question
01:59 COP and the Mark Scheme
02:54 Using annotation to plan
03:46 Model Answer - Picture Source
05:40 Writing about provenance
07:07 Model Answer - Written Source
09:51 Important Reminders
10:31 How you can Support the History Teacher

Music: https://www.bensound.com & AleXZavesa from Pixabay
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