How the West and Ukrainians are responding to Russia's recent moves in eastern Ukraine | DW News

00:00 Western leaders condemn Russia's moves in Ukraine
01:40 Analysis by DW Senior Political Correspondent Michaela Küfner
06:30 Ukrainians fleeing the crisis seek shelter in Poland
10:20 Interview with former Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski
14:15 Interview with German Social Democrat Ralf Stegner on the German position
17:25 Putin calls Russian presence in eastern Ukraine a 'peacekeeping mission'
19:45 Latest report from DW Correspondent Nick Connolly
23:40 Analysis by DW Correspondent Konstantin Eggert
18:25 Ukrainians prepare to defend their homeland
31:15 UN Security Council condemns escalation
33:05 Interview with Reinhard Bütikofer, member of the European Parliament
36:40 UEFA under fire for not moving Champions League final from Russia

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