How did Hitler become Chancellor of Germany - Weimar and Nazi Germany GCSE History

Last time we looked at how the #Nazis gained support following the #Wall #Street #Crash, today I'm talking about how a series of #political #mistakes and #politicians #underestimating #Hitler, led to Hitler becoming #chancellor of #Germany in #1933.

This covers the #Edexcel #GCSE #History syllabus for paper 3. It will be useful no matter which exam board you are studying though.

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00:27 The 1930 Election
00:52 The 1932 Presidential Elections
02:07 Chancellor BrĂ¼ning
02:51 The Council of Barons
03:45 The 1932 Reichstag Elections
04:57 Von Schleicher
05:44 Hitler becomes chancellor
06: 14 Who was to blame?

Music: https://www.bensound.com & AleXZavesa from Pixabay
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