Hitler's Olympics - The 1936 Games in Nazi Germany | Free Documentary History

Hitler's Olympics - The 1936 Games in Nazi Germany | History Documentary

Watch 'Mein Kampf: The Secrets of Adolf Hitler's Book of Evil' here: https://youtu.be/dDaIjDXIAYU

In 1931, the Olympics were awarded to Berlin. However the Germany hosting the event five years later would be a very different place. Adolf Hitler had come to power in the meantime and the Nazis eagerly grasped the propaganda opportunity the Olympics represented. The scale of the 1936 Games would amaze the world and begin Olympic traditions that remain to this day. Although some at the time tried to organise boycotts, all too few saw the rotting truth behind the slick façade. Hitler’s Olympics tells the complete story of the Berlin games – the early plans, the Nazi takeover, the purge of Jews from German athletics and the grand spectacle itself.


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