History of France Documentary in Urdu, France Ki tareekh, France History Video, France Information

History of France Documentary in Urdu, French Ki tareekh, France History Video, France Information
فرانس کی تاریخ
The primary put down accounts for the historical backdrop of France showed up in the Iron Age. What is currently France made up the greater part of the district referred to the Romans as Gaul. Greek authors noticed the presence of three primary ethno-semantic gatherings nearby: the Gauls, the Aquitani, and the Belgae. The Gauls, the biggest and best confirmed bunch, were Celtic individuals talking what is known as the Gaulish language.

Throughout the span of the principal thousand years BC the Greeks, Romans and Carthaginians laid out states on the Mediterranean coast and the seaward islands. The Roman Republic attached southern Gaul as the area of Gallia Narbonensis in the late second century BC, and Roman Legions under Julius Caesar vanquished the remainder of Gaul in the Gallic Wars of 58-51 BC. A short time later a Gallo-Roman culture arose and Gaul was progressively incorporated into the Roman Empire.

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