History ASMR: Marie Laveau, Voodoo and New Orleans (ASMR for Sleep)

For this year's Halloween special, I tell you about New Orleans, Voodoo and the famous "Voodoo Queen" Marie Laveau, who dominated Louisiana Voodoo in the 19th Century. It is less spooky than it sounds: I talk about how different syncretic religions formed in South and North America, combining African religions like Vodun or Yoruba with Roman Catholicism and indigenous beliefs, or the particular blend that happened in Louisiana with the influence of Haitian Voodoo. We also explore the history of New Orleans since its foundation and what its unique culture brought to the world, including Jazz music.

Credits: Script and narration by the French Whisperer, visuals by the French Whisperer, under Wikipedia Commons, or under license from Panthermedia, Canstock and Shutterstock. Sound effects and music from the YouTube Audio Library for Creators. Special thanks to the @Museo Nacional de Historia Natural de Chile for making this video possible.

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0:00 New Orleans in 1801
9:34 Marie Laveau, Voodoo Queen
26:00 What is Voodoo?
37:43 Haitian Voodoo
42:44 Louisiana Voodoo
50:13 History of New Orleans
1:07:00 Fireplace Sounds, No Talking
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