Große Rede über Religion & Spiritualität | Great Speech on Religion & Spirituality. Eugen Drewermann

Dr. Eugen Drewermanns Große Rede über Religion und Spiritualität | Great Speech on Religion and Spirituality. University of Salzburg, Austria. 19. Juli 2022. Deutsch | English.

Auf Einladung | At the Invitation of:
The International Meeting of the Society for Biblical Literature (SBL) [Internationaler Kongress der Gesellschaft für Bibelwissenschaft], Psychological Hermeneutics of Biblical Themes and Texts Unit. Co-Chair: Pieter van der Zwan.

English translation simultaneously provided by Dr. Matthias Beier, translator of Drewermann's works.
Englische Übersetzung simultan von Dr. Matthias Beier, Übersetzer von Drewermanns Werken.

In this Great Speech on Religion and Spirituality, internationally bestselling author about religion and spirituality, wise elder, and most prominent European peace activist, Dr. Eugen Drewermann, calls for a PARADIGM SHIFT in how we approach religion and its study so that it gives life rather than stifles it.

In dieser Großen Rede über Religion und Spiritualität legt der internationale Bestellerautor über Religion und Spiritualität, weiser Ältester und prominentester Friedensaktivist Europas, Dr. Eugen Drewermann, einen PARADIGMENWECHSEL über das Verständnis von Religion und ihres Studiums vor, damit sie Leben schenkt statt es hindert.

The following English Books by Drewermann can be found and purchased at this link: (more translations are under preparation):

Open heavens: Meditations for advent and Christmas (1991). (D. J. Krieger, Trans., J. M. Laflamme & B. Marz, Eds.). Orbis Books.

Discovering the royal child within: A spiritual psychology of "The Little Prince" (1993). (P. Heinegg, Trans.). Crossroad.

Discovering the god child within: A spiritual psychology of the infancy of Jesus (1994). (P. Heinegg, Trans.). Crossroad.

Dying we live: Meditations for Lent and Easter (1994). (L. M. Maloney & J. Drury, Trans., L. M. Maloney, Ed.). Orbis Books. (also published under the title "Open Tomb" by Gracewing)

Matthias Beier's book introducing Drewermann's work:
* A Violent God-Image - An Introduction to the Work of Eugen Drewermann.
Available from the publisher, Bloomsbury: or at amazon:

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