Greek War of Independence: Modern Greece is Born - History DOCUMENTARY

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Kings and Generals historical animated documentary series on the early modern history, as well as the history Greece and the Ottoman Empire continues with the second episode in our story of the Greek War of Independence, which gave Greece its new era of independence. In the first video ( we talked about the reasons this revolt has occurred and what the life in the Ottoman Empire was like for the Greeks, while the second episode covered a number of battles, including Peta and Karpenisi and how these battles led to the internal strife among the Greeks and forced the Ottomans to send an armada from Egypt to attack the rebels, putting the revolution into peril ( Third episode talked about the Fall of Missolonghi and how the Greeks almost lost this war of independence (, while the final episode will talk how Greece gained its independence and modern Hellas was born.

Rise of Bulgaria - Battle of Tryavna 1190 -
Sack of Constantinople 1204 -
What Was Lost in the Sack of Constantinople -
Varangians - Elite Bodyguards of the Byzantine Emperors -
Adrianople 1205 -
Siege of Damascus 634 - Arab - Byzantine Wars -
Byzantine Empire Strikes Back - Battle of Nikiou 646 -
Siege of Constantinople 717-718 - Arab-Byzantine Wars -
Pliska 811 - Byzantine - Bulgarian Wars - Pliska 811 - Byzantine - Bulgarian Wars
Versinikia 813 - Byzantine - Bulgarian Wars -
Third Crusade 1189-1192: From Hattin to Jaffa -
Basil II - Reformer, Restorer, Bulgarslayer -
Creation of the Medieval Roman Army -
Strategikon - Army Manual of the Eastern Roman Empire -
Elite and Levy Units of the Eastern Roman Army -
Medieval Battles -

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The video was made by Lito Areta, while the script was researched and written by Leo Stone
This video was narrated by Officially Devin (

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