Great South Land Book Prayer Launch

Watch the Great South Land Book Prayer Launch with Kurt Mahlburg, Warwick Marsh, Jenny Hagger, Dr Mark Harwood, Ps Jeff Daly and Kym Farnik. Visit to find out more - Discount for Book Pre Orders Before 6 December 2022!
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Discover Australia’s Great Awakenings

Australia is a nation forged in the furnace of revival. Long forgotten, Australia’s Spirit-filled history comes to life in Great Southland Revival. Discover how the flame of Pentecost spread from the book of Acts all the way to the South Pacific. Journey on convict ships and city trams, to goldfields, outback communities and far-flung islands transformed by the gospel. Most of all, be inspired that God longs to revive the church, sweep multitudes into His kingdom, and renew our world once again.

“Excellent, well-researched and important.”
—John Anderson AO, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia

“Great Southland Revival is a wonderful read.”
—Ps Margaret Court AO MBE, Former World Tennis Number One

“This book will inform, inspire and challenge.”
—Karl Faase, CEO, Olive Tree Media

"We cannot hope to understand where we are, let alone find the clarity of vision and the necessary positivity to move forward with confidence, without understanding our history. Great Southland Revival is excellent, well-researched and important history that will spur the reader on in the sure hope that all things are possible."
—John Anderson AC, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia

"Thank you, Kurt and Warwick, for this book, and for taking us on a journey of past revivals and the great men and women who had such a part to play in ushering in God’s will in the earth. Great Southland Revival is a wonderful read; much research has gone into it. May it stir you up to pray and intercede to see the last outpouring of the Holy Spirit touch our nation."
—Rev Margaret Court AC MBE, Senior Pastor Victory Life Centre, Former World Tennis Number One

"Researchers Stuart Piggin and Robert Linder have said that “Australia’s Christian heritage has not so much been lost as never been found”. In their book Great Southland Revival, Kurt and Warwick seek to redress this imbalance. Australia has a deep and rich Christian heritage that is mostly ignored and remains hidden. This book will inform, inspire and challenge every reader. It tells stories of revival from across our modern history, spanning urban to regional areas, covering the denominational spectrum, and including revival accounts from the Indigenous people of this land. Great Southland Revival adds to the catalogue of those seeking to tell the Christian stories of our land and shift the narrative of who we are as nation."
—Karl Faase, CEO, Olive Tree Media

"Great Southland Revival is not just a book opening up the remarkable revival history of Australia, it is a book that offers exciting hope that revival is in store for modern Australia. This book may just be what so many Australian Christians need to be encouraged in their faith and ministries as they remember or learn for the first time what Christ has already done in this South Land of the Holy Spirit. It makes for wonderful reading for book clubs, pastors, and home schoolers."
—Dr Stephen Chavura, Historian, Author, Senior Lecturer in History at Campion College, Sydney

"This magnificent book is a timely encouragement that the hardest of hearts can be turned toward God and that the gospel is at its most powerful when the culture is at its worst. Every Christian should read Great Southland Revival and be encouraged that we are alive ‘for such a time as this’."
—James Macpherson, Journalist, Sky News and The Spectator Australia

"I am grateful to Kurt and Warwick, who have uncovered a treasure trove of detailed history that stretches from Genesis to the Great Southland. This book is not only filled with historical facts and figures, but it should light the flame for praying and longing for a great awakening in the so called ‘Lucky Country’. Read this book again and again. You will be blessed."
—Michael Youssef Ph.D., Executive President, Leading the Way

"Jesus accused the anti-supernaturalists of his day—the Sadducees—of being “ignorant of the Scriptures and the power of God”. The same could be said of so many of us when it comes to the history and theology of ‘Revival’. This well-researched, well-written book, with copious footnotes and an extensive bibliography, shows how true Christianity was once a vital power in this land, and that it can be again. Revival is born in prayer. Great Southland Revival encourages us to pray for a fresh outpouring of God’s Spirit. Nothing less will reach this nation for Christ."
—Rev David Jones, Retired Presbyterian Minister, Hobart, Former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Australia
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