Great Game: How Britain and Russia Fought for Afghanistan DOCUMENTARY

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Kings and Generals' animated historical documentary series on the history of Russia, Britain and Afghanistan, continues with a video on the Great Game - political, diplomatic and proxy competition for Afghanistan between the Russian and British Empires in the XIX century.

Medieval Battles:
Roman History:
Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan - Operation Storm-333:
How the USSR Lost the Afghan War:
Why Was Egypt Crucial for the Roman Empire?
Roman Trade with Africa
Roman-Indo-Parthian Trade
How Roman trade with India made the Empire rich
Was Mansa Musa the Wealthiest Person Who Ever Lived?
German Conquistadors: Search for El Dorado:
How Female Conquistadors Conquered Americas:
Why the Russian Colonization of the Americas Failed:
Battle of Cagayan - Conquistadors vs Samurai Pirates:
Why the Ottomans Never Colonized America?:
Tordesillas - How the Pope divided the world between Spain and Portugal:

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The video was made by Sebastiao Reis while the script was researched and written by Christos Nicolaou. Narration by Officially Devin (

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