Grade 10 History Unit 4 Part 1 World War first 1914-1918

Grade 10 history unit 4 world war first
world war I 1914-1918
What are the causes of World War 1

The real causes of World War I included politics, secret alliances, imperialism, and nationalistic pride. However,
there was one single event, the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria,
which started a chain of events leading to war.

1 the rivarly among imprialist power
the economical and political rivalries among the industrial nations of
capitalism led to intense competition for colonial conquest.

2 nationalism
created tension between german and french.
france wanted to avenge its defeated in franco-purssian war of 1870 and
wanted to regain her lost proveniences(alsace and lorraine).

3 crisis before ww1
A.the moroccan crisis:confrontation between german and france.

The first moroco crisis(1905)

In 1904 britain and france made an understanding called entente
cordiale.the french got the british support over morocco.germang opposed the
understanding and side the morocco against france.

The seconed morocco crisis(1911)

Germany changed french claim over morocco.finally germany recognized french control over morocco after they were given part of french congo.

B.the balkan crisis

The bosnian crisis(1908)

Bosnia herzegovina was part of ottoman empire
but annexed in 1908 by austro-hungary.surbia who claimed bosnia,opposed the
austro-hungarian action.

The balkan war of 1912-13:the subject peoples in
balkan rose up against the region and national oppression of the ottoman turks

Turkey was defeated and ousted from the balkan.

4 Military alliance
The two camps were formed early before the wwI.

triple alliance consisted of germany,austro-hungary and italy.

Triple etente consisted of britain ,france and russia.

5 The arms race
New weapons used in the war were poison gas,by germany and tanks by britain

The immediate cause of ww1
The assassination of francis(franz)ferdinand,arch duke (crown prince) of
austro –hungary at serajevo,bosnia nationalist gavrilo princip on june 28,1914.
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