Gordes - Discovering The Most Beautiful MedieVal Villages in France - A Wonder Provencal Village

Situate in France at Vaucluse, in the massive of Luberon, Gordes is a very pretty village, greatly appreciated, for his history, his exceptional geographic situation, the quality of his cultural activities as well as his famous restaurants and hotels

It’s one of the beauteous village of France , with his “caladées” smalls streets, with highs homes builds on the rock. Its castle in the heart of the village houses the Pol Mara Museum and the Town Hall.

Gordes also preserves on its land, the village of Bories, these old rounded dry stone constructions, the mill of Bouillons and the cellars of the Palais Saint Firmin. At the bottom of a green valley, there is also the Abbey of Sénanque.

The village has inspired many artists and painters such as André Lhote, Marc Chagall, Jean Deyrolle, Victor Vasarely and Pol Mara.

In summer many exhibitions are held in places steeped in history such as the Saint-Jacques chaplaincy, the chapel of the White Penitents...

Many personalities and artists, appreciates Gordes and are coming at their secondary residence (but this is their private life).

Let us mention among them: Jean Deyrolle, Serge Poliakoff, Willy Ronis, his famous photograph "the Provençal nude" was taken in his house in Gordes as well as the photographers Isis and Hans Silvester...

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