Glory And Defeat - The Franco-Prussian War 1870/71 (Full Documentary)

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The Franco-Prussian War was a pivotal moment for Europe in the 19th century. It unified Germany into a single empire while toppling the French one. In six month the world got a taste of modern warfare and a bitter rivalry that would last into the 20th century.


00:00:00 Ems Dispatch Crisis
00:11:41 Why France Fought the German States Alone
00:21:55 Military Overview
00:46:04 Opening Battles: Saarbrücken, Wissembourg, Wörth
01:05:54 The Siege of Strasbourg
01:16:49 Battles of Gravelotte and Mars-La-Tour
01:27:39 Siege of Metz
01:38:56 Battle of Sedan
01:54:50 Why France Didn't Surrender After Sedan
02:05:47 French All-Out War
02:16:38 The Pope's Army
02:27:31 Strasbourg Falls
02:38:17 Rise of Guerrilla Warfare
02:49:50 The Battle of Orléans
03:06:13 Battle of Chateaudun
03:24:22 The Last Imperial Army Surrenders
03:34:23 The 1st (Failed) Paris Commune Uprising
03:45:43 The Weird And Only Naval Battle of The Franco-Prussian War
03:56:43 Bismarck Gets Closer To German Unification
04:07:24 Battles of Amiens and Beaune-La-Rolande
04:18:19 Battle of Villiers-Champigny
04:28:23 Battle of Beaugency
04:37:33 Battle of Nuits-St. Georges
04:48:04 Christmas During the Franco-Prussian War
04:59:42 German Artillery Shells Paris
05:10:31 Army of the East
05:19:58 Battle of Belfort Gap
05:30:31 Kaiserproklamation
05:42:04 Peace
05:54:18 Paris Commune

John Ozment, James Darcangelo, Jacob Carter Landt, Thomas Brendan, Kurt Gillies, Scott Deederly, John Belland, Adam Smith, Taylor Allen, Rustem Sharipov, Christoph Wolf, Simen Røste, Marcus Bondura, Ramon Rijkhoek, Theodore Patrick Shannon, Philip Schoffman, Avi Woolf, Emile Bouffard, William Kincade,
Daniel L Garza, Stefan Weiß, Matt Barnes, Chris Daley, Marco Kuhnert, Simdoom

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