FRANCE IS NO MORE! | Europa Universalis 4 Origins Livestream | Let's Play as Austria Part 9

Another war with Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth comes to and end with our victory, as we keep pushing East!

We then force Bohemia into a Personal Union but it does not end up being as good as we thought it will, and the personal union breaks as soon as our ruler dies, making whole war pointless. Also, around this time, we, for the first time, lose crown of the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, as seat goes to Nassau. We'll enter a long struggle to retake what's ours.

Our economy keeps growing as we invest in trade, buildings and trade companies. With economy, our naval and military might becomes bigger. We increase both naval and land limitations. Troops keep gathering and ships keep getting built, as we slowly become third naval power in the world.

Sweden, our faithful ally calls us to war and we accept, taking Ultrecht from Netherlands in a separate peace, as war is pretty much already won.

Longer period of peace falls over our Austrian Empire, but not because we do not want to fight, but because we are preparing for a two-front war, against French in the West and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the East. With help of our allies, and greater number of troops both on land and on the sea, this proves to be a relatively easy war. As we take most of Northern France, leaving two provinces to Great Britain, we also take three provinces in Western Poland and give lots of Eastern parts of Commonwealth to Russia. Netherlands is not forget either, as we take another province from them.

Now, after a war where we took lots of provinces, we need sometime to recover, especially as we are spending a lot on administration. This is not to be, as Russia calls us into a war against the Ottoman Empire, war we are not ready for. As Russia fight in the East, winning, they leave us to face Ottoman might all alone, something we cannot do, so we go for a quick white peace. This makes one things pretty clear - our manpower and land limit need to go up. We need more troops.

Finally, our eyes turn towards Lorraine, which remains in the control of Provence, but as they are protected by France, Great Britain and Spain we cannot declare war on them directly. Instead, we attack Florence, who then invites Provence and Papal States to help them. So, we defeat Florence but don't take anything from them. We defeat Papal States and take Perugia and Naples, pushing further into central Italy. Then, finally, we defeat Provence and take Lorraine for the Austrian Empire. With it, we can complete a mission which will help us greatly when it comes to both diplomacy and military.

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