Four Canonical Painting Modes of the Renaissance | Full Video | Antony Joseph Nangelimalil

Following a continuous sequence from subtle to bold modes in Renaissance painting, Sfumato  would come first, followed by Unione, Cangiante and finally Chiaroscuro. 
With Unione a gradual, imperceptible transition is seen at the point where light and shadow come together. Unione is associated with Chiaroscuro, but as mentioned above does not use extreme sets of values. It is a technique of color employed without hard lines.
Unione is characterized by its sfumato quality. It seeks vibrant color what Sfumato attempts more soberly. Union eliminates strong tonal contrasts and employs color harmony while still maintaining vibrant color.
Cangiante, which Michelangelo used extensively in the Sistine Chapel paintings, balances different color values by shifting color rather than tones. This  shift in color is achieved by using both analogous and complementary colors.

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Antony Joseph Nangelimalil
Assistant Professor (ad-hoc)
Department of Art History & Aesthetics
Faculty of Fine Arts
MSU Baroda

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