Food in Medieval Europe ⎸Cooking a Medieval Meat Pie⎸What Did Europeans Eat in Middle Ages? 500-1500

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What were Europeans eating in Medieval times? Watch as I cook an authentic Medieval meat pie over open flame as I describe the foods available in Europe from the 5th to 15th centuries. What did royalty eat at Medieval feasts? What about Medieval peasants? What myths are common about Medieval cooking? Did they use spices to cover the taste of rotten meat? Did they really drink beer and wine all day long? How did Medieval Europeans cook and preserve food? What were markets like in the Middle Ages? Get the answer to all these questions and the recipe for this authentic medieval meat pie in this video.

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Suggested Viewing:
Secrets of the Castle, BBC

*Edit- In the section about ale & beer, I quoted historian Ruth Goodman about ale staying sterile after brewing. I believe this may be inaccurate. The brewing process would kill bacteria but it’s unlikely that it would remain sterile because the alcohol content was low. I invite you to do your own research on this. Ruth Goodman is a very trusted source for me, despite this inaccuracy. I love her and all her shows on BBC, especially Secrets of The Castle & Tudor Monastery Farm and her many books. The majority of my research comes from the sources above.
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