FLYING OVER GERMANY 4K Video UHD - Peaceful Music With Beautiful Nature Video For Relaxation On TV

FLYING OVER GERMANY 4K Video UHD - Peaceful Music With Beautiful Nature Video For Relaxation On TV

Full of culture, lively locals and great beer, Germany is home to many captivating travel destinations. Whether you're looking to soak up art, architecture and history or imbibe at Oktoberfest, this country appeals to a variety of tourists.
Prepare for a roller-coaster ride of feasts, treats and temptations when you experience the soul-stirring scenery, beautiful big cities, romantic palaces and half-timbered towns of Germany.
You'll encounter history in towns where streets were laid out long before Columbus set sail, and in castles that loom above age-old villages where flower boxes billow with crimson geraniums. The great cities – including Berlin, Munich and Hamburg – will wow you with a cultural kaleidoscope that spans the arc from art museums and high-brow opera to naughty cabaret and underground clubs. Wherever you go, Romanesque, Gothic and baroque classics rub rafters with architectural creations from modern masters.
At the cultural heart of Germany is the capital, Berlin. Home to many fine museums and galleries, this vibrant city makes for a great base from which to explore the many other delights the country has to offer. And for nature lovers, there's a whole world of possibilities in Germany's great outdoors.

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Track list:
00:00 | 1. Istanbul - niaolin
03:09 | 2. Fly A Kite - niaolin
07:06 | 3. Quiet Summer - niaolin
10:10 | 4. Tiny Box - niaolin
15:00 | 5. Moonlight - niaolin
17:51 | 6. Positive Energy - niaolin
21:48 | 7. Bright Future
24:58 | 8. Green Garden - niaolin
27:39 | 9. Believe In Yourself - niaolin
30:39 | 10. A Hard Working Day - niaolin
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