First Reaction To Germany - Learning About The Berlin Wall And It's History

Germany has been a interest of mine since I was a child. Growing up with a friend who's mom is German influenced some of that curiosity. My biggest reason for learning more about Germany & the wall is my father patrolling during his time in the military. I've heard stories of course, but the best part of all to me is a long piece of barbed wire that by father brought back home with him after the collapse.

Thank you to whomever sent me the postcard from Frankfurt Germany, it is on the board for all to see and where it shall remain.

Thank you all for watching and being a supporter of my channel.

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00:00 Introduction & Postcard From Frankfurt Germany
00:58 My Best Friend Growing Up
01:42 Why I'm Interested In The Berlin Wall
03:03 Happy Birthday To My Grandfather
03:43 Disclaimer Before Reaction
04:04 Reaction Begins
05:43 Possibly Taking My Dad To Germany Some Day
08:33 A Lot Of Things I'm Actually Aware Of
09:19 Having Learn The World Encyclopedia
11:15 The Wall Just Kept Changing
12:11 Ways People Tried To Cross
12:49 I've Heard Stories of Crossings
13:13 The Basic Treaty Of 1972
13:46 November 9th of 1989
14:21 I Didn't Know Exactly How It Ended
14:45 Final Thoughts & Goodbye
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