Eze - The Most Beautiful MEDIEVAL VILLAGE from the South of France - A Unique Architectural Village

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???? Location : Eze , France
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Saint-Paul-de-Vence can be seen from afar, with its medieval appearance surrounded by ramparts, at the top of a hill between the Mediterranean and the Grasse Pre-Alps.

Many artists stayed there after the Second World War and brought an international reputation to the village.Today, the Maeght Foundation maintains the artistic vocation of the place.

It is certainly the most visited village in the hinterland of Nice and even one of the most touristic in France.

Located between Eze and Monaco, the town of Eze extends over three cornices with a drop of almost 700 m.

Eze Bord de Mer with its beach shaded by a maritime pine forest is home to many paths that wind between the Belle Epoque villas.

The narrow streets of Eze-Village are lined with old stately homes occupied by artists' or craftsmen's workshops and shops.

From the exotic garden, set in the ruins of a medieval fortress at the top of the village, the panorama extends beyond the Esterel massif. In winter, on a clear day, you can make out the Corsican mountains.

The Grande Corniche is a virgin space between sea and mountain. From this Mediterranean maquis, the gaze embraces the 360° landscape with, in winter, the snowy Mercantour, Italy and Saint-Tropez.

The oldest traces of land use in the town date back to the Iron Age (around 400 BC) at Mont Bastide. Then the destiny of Eze is linked to that of Nice. In 1388, Eze was attached to the House of Savoy and was occupied by Turkish troops from Barbarossa for a few days in 1543. During the War of the Spanish Succession, the armies of Louis XIV destroyed the castle. Eze is attached to France in 1860.

During the Belle Epoque and then during the interwar period, tourists began to visit or stay in Eze. George Sand describes its tormented landscapes, Friedrich Nietzsche finishes his work “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” there, Prince William of Sweden takes up residence at Château Eza from 1923 to 1953.

Today personalities from the artistic world regularly reside in the town. Bono of the group U2, Julian Lennon are among the best known.

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