Exposing Biblical Pseudo-history

Dr. Josh Bowen, an Assyriologist, author, & host of the Digital Hammurabi show explores the history of the Old Testament with me to learn how historically reliable the Bible actually is. Are there contradictions in the Bible or historical errors in the Old Testament? Who even wrote the Pentateuch? Was Daniel a real prophet or was his book written after the events he allegedly prophesied? How do we know when Daniel was written? We'll explore all of this and much more (including a couple of fun failed Bible prophecies).

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00:09 – Quick Intro
01:28 – Overview of Dr. Bowen's religious & academic history
05:58 – Who wrote the Pentateuch, & does it contain multiple contradictory sources?
12:10 – When were the first five books of the Bible written?
13:13 – When is the Book of Daniel written & is it successful prophecy?
14:46 – Dating Daniel using linguistic analysis
18:04 – Dating Daniel using historical evidence
22:50 – Historical inaccuracies in the Book of Daniel
28:27 – Ezekiel's Failed Prophecy Against Tyre
36:36 – Teaser for Volume 2 of The Atheist Handbook to the Old Testament
40:31 – Summary
41:08 – Wrap up/Upcoming Work
42:28 – Outro

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