Explained: Decoding Russia’s Behaviour - A Historical Perspective | UPSC IAS 2022

The current crisis in Ukraine and the Russian aggression towards the country falls under a larger historical perspective concerning the Soviet Union and its disintegration. This lecture tries to contextualise and decode Russia’s behaviour vis-à-vis its history dating back to the days of the world wars and the Bolshevik revolution. The current Russian strategy is linked to its historical relations with the West.

How did this hostile relationship arise? What has been the source of tensions between these two power blocs? Why is NATO at the heart of this issue? What was its origin? The session tries to answer these questions. For more on the geopolitical behaviour of Russia, watch the lecture in full.

This topic is important under the World History and International Relations segments of the UPSC syllabus.

For background and context, watch Russia - Ukraine Crisis | Explained: https://youtu.be/b2MWwXeF3SI
Russia Declares War on Ukraine: https://youtu.be/UmGZqBwAcyg
Operation Ganga: https://youtu.be/p4c0M9Eq9J4

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