European Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Adventure begins in France! | Bren Voyage Ep. 01

The Adventure begins! At the time of filming this I didn't realise I'd be staying on to go through Europe, hence why I only mention France. At the moment anyways, it'll be two episodes per week! Next one coming on Friday, but may change it to Thursdays and Sundays, we'll see. Hope you enjoy today's video, next we'll be joined by Naim on his Royal Enfield Bullet 500 and have a quick spin around Normandy!

As its a slightly shorter episode I re-included the trailer, but don't mind that!

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Come along with me on a summer motorcycle tour across Europe, proving the humble Royal Enfield Bullet 500's capabilities on a 5000 mile journey! We'll see lots of beautiful cities, rich history, vintage motorcycles, cars, planes, trains, and much more! Expect two videos per week that are the right size to sit down and have a cup of tea on your Sunday to unwind to. If that takes your fancy, gwan, subscribe and join me, Brendan, and Daisy Bell, my faithful friend, the Bullet 500.

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