Europe Countries Population 1600-2022 | Kingdoms, Empires, Republics | Napoleonic Wars, WW1, WW2

In this video we compare the population of European countries and the surrounding area for the last 4 centuries that have seen great changes in the size and composition. Europe today has eight times the amount of people it did just 400 years ago. This data series focuses on what the largest polities were throughout recent history. Given the challenges of demography, the visualization begins in 1600 and details the numerous changes to population within the interim period.
Sources: A wide variety of sources were employed in order to project the data. Tacitus.nu, Penguin Atlas of Recent History, Angus Maddison project, various academic studies, and Eurostat provided most of the information. The population of colonies and holdings outside of Europe are excluded with the exception of the Russian and Ottoman Empires. Given the numerous changes in borders, the continental total can sometimes be erratic, shifting downwards or upwards for seemingly no reason. Generally, this is because various other nations are either no longer being recorded or diverging sources, not necessarily due to massive casualties.
Obviously no data set is perfect, especially on matters so speculative such as population growth in the 1600s and 1700s, but I have put in my best effort. Please comment if you notice any serious errors so they can be rectified.

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Countries included:
Ottoman Empire
Kingdom of France
Habsburg Spain
Russian Empire
Habsburg Monarchy
Kingdom of England
Duchy of Savoy
Electorate of Saxony
Dutch Republic
Papal States
Kingdom of Sweden
Kingdom of Ireland
Swiss Confederation
Venetian Republic
Grand Duchy of Tuscany
Kingdom of Scotland
Electorate of Bavaria
Confederate Ireland
Kingdom of Portugal
Commonwealth (England)
Bourbon Spain
Kingdom of Prussia
Great Britain
Kingdom of Sardinia
Kingdom of Naples
French Republic
Batavian Republic
Cisalpine Republic
Duchy of Württemberg
Electorate of Hanover
Helvetic Republic
French Empire
United Kingdom
Napoleonic Italy
Kingdom of Bavaria
Kingdom of Saxony
Kingdom of Holland
Kingdom of Westphalia
Kingdom of Sicily
Kingdom of Württemberg
Bonapartist Spain
Grand Duchy of Hesse
Grand Duchy of Baden
Kingdom of Spain
Kingdom of Netherlands
Kingdom of Denmark
Kingdom of Two Sicilies
Kingdom of Hanover
July Monarchy
Kingdom of Belgium
United Principalities
Kingdom of Italy
Kingdom of Greece
German Empire
Serbian Principality
Principality of Bulgaria
Kingdom of Serbia
Kingdom of Romania
Kingdom of Sweden
Kingdom of Norway
Kingdom of Bulgaria
Portugese Republic
Soviet Union
Weimar Republic
Polish Republic
Czechoslovak Republic
Kingdom of Yugoslavia
Kingdom of Hungary
Republic of Austria
Republic of Turkey
Hellenic Republic
Nazi Germany
Federal State of Austria
Republic of Spain
Spanish State
Republic of Finland
Vichy France
Republic of Ireland
State of Croatia
Occupied Germany
Polish People's Republic
Federal Yugoslavia
Occupied Austria
Italian Republic
Romanian People's Republic
People's Republic of Bulgaria
West Germany
East Germany
Communist Czechoslovakia
People's Republic of Hungary
Republic of Austria
Kingdom of Spain
Hellenic Republic
Federal Republic of Germany
Polish Republic
Czechoslovak Republic
Republic of Bulgaria
Russian Federation
Republic of Belarus
Czech Republic
Napoleonic Wars
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