EU4 - What if Europa Universalis 4 Had 1914 Borders?

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In this video titled EU4 - What if Europa Universalis 4 Had 1914 Borders? we take a look at what would happen if EU4 had 1914 borders / what if EU4 started in 1914. In this video I use the Extended Timeline mod to start a campaign of EU4 in 1914. As you can probably guess this scenario resulted in some pretty funny shenanigans. Obviously you would expect that nations with the highest development would dominate, but did it really turn out that way? This whole run was controlled by the AI only without my interference and it yielded some pretty interesting results to be honest. So, after watching this video you will know what would happen if Iberian Regions were united in 1444. What is the next "What if" scenario that I should do? Leave a comment below! The save file is available for all Tier 1 and above Youtube members in the save-games Discord channel.

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