Ethiopia in 60 seconds Africa in 60 seconds

The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is a landlocked country in the Horn of Africa. It is the oldest independent country in Africa, with a history dating back to antiquity. It’s home to Africa's 2nd largest population of 111 million people.

It comprises 80 ethnic groups and languages. Amharic is the official national language. Ethiopia has one of the world’s oldest Christian denominations, and ancient sites of churches make up the country’s rich history.

Ethiopia's last emperor Haile Selassie is revered by Rastafarians.

The Ethiopian Highlands are the source of the mighty Nile River.

In 2011 the government began constructing a $4 billion hydroelectric dam on the Blue Nile, dubbed the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 for making peace with Eritrea, but this has been tarnished by allegations of atrocities in Tigray due to civil war.

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