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It is an England, London Walk ???????? | Imperial War Museum to St George's Cathedral, Southwark with history bits | Walking tour.

Filmed: Sunday 30th October 2022.
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00:20 Imperial War Museum
Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin (1812 –1852) was an English architect, designer, artist and critic who is principally remembered for his pioneering role in the Gothic Revival style of architecture.

His work culminated in designing the interior of the Palace of Westminster and its iconic clock tower, later renamed the Elizabeth Tower, which houses the bell known as Big Ben.

Pugin designed many churches in England, and some in Ireland and Australia.

In February 1852, while travelling with his son Edward by train, Pugin suffered a total breakdown and arrived in London unable to recognise anyone or speak coherently.

He was transferred to the Royal Bethlem Hospital, also known as Bedlam.  
At that time, Bethlem Hospital was opposite St George’s Cathedral, Southwark, one of Pugin's major buildings.

Where he had married his third wife, Jane, in 1848.

Jane and a doctor removed Pugin from Bedlam and took him to a private house in Hammersmith where they attempted therapy, and he recovered sufficiently to recognise his wife. 

He died in 1852. 

“Big Ben” was completed to Pugin’s design.

More about Augustus Pugin: 1/4 Pugin: God's Own Architect

04:19 St George's Cathedral, Southwark
The original cathedral building was designed by Augustus Pugin, and was considered the most important Catholic Church in England when it was built.

It could seat about 3,000 people, and the building was 240 feet long by 72 feet wide.

The cathedral was erected in 1848 and reopened after extensive war damage in 1958.

Pugin’s original design include taller towers and a spire.
Neither under when built nor when rebuilt was there sufficient funding, and these elements remain unrealised.

It hosted notable visitors: the Dalai Lama (1998) and Saint John Paul II (1982), the latter being depicted in one of the Cathedral's stained-glass windows.

11:34 St George's Road
12:45 George Myers Blue Plaque
Myers was born in 1803.
He first met Pugin in 1827
In 1837, Pugin commissioned him to build St Mary's Catholic Church in Derby.
Myers followed Pugin to London, settling in this site.
From here he executed many important commissions for Pugin, including Newcastle, Birmingham, Nottingham and Southwark cathedrals.
He also worked for many other architects, and it has been estimated that he built on average three churches a year.
He died of exhaustion in 1875.

13:58 Morley College London - Waterloo Centre

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