Economic Recovery in the 1920s - Weimar and Nazi Germany Edexcel GCSE History

Sill in topic 1 #Weimar and #Nazi #Germany. This time we're looking at the #economic #recovery of the #1920s. What did #Stresemann do to end #hyperinflation? And how successful was he? We take a look at the #Dawes plan and #Young plan and assess their success.

This covers the #Edexcel #GCSE #History syllabus for paper 3. It will be useful no matter which exam board you are studying though.

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00:28 Gustav Stresemann
00:50 The Rentenmark
01:53 The Dawes Plan
02:28 The Young Plan
02:54 Consequences

Music: https://www.bensound.com & AleXZavesa from Pixabay
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