Dom Luis I Bridge Full Walking Tour & It's Sad History| Porto, Portugal- Travel Video

Porto is known the city of Bridges. In 1807, Napoleon was the Emperor of French and invaded Lisbon. In 1809, when Napoleon troops wanted to invade Porto, the Portuense citizens started to run to cross the Ribeira river to save their life. But the Bridge collapsed under the weight of all people and 4000 people lost their life in this tragedy.
Porto has an Eiffel connection. This Dom Luis Bridge on the Douro River was built between 1881-1885 by designer of the Eiffel Tower.
Porto is the second-largest city after the capital of Lisbon. Porto is famous for its Porto Wine. Historic Center of Porto along with the Dom I Luis bridges is recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. Let's enjoy what is Porto, Portugal looks like with Drone Shot.
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