Death of Emil 'Bully' Lang - Germany's highest scoring ace on the Invasion Front, 3rd September 1944

Hauptman Emil Lang was a 173-victory ace, known for being the highest scoring pilot in a day (18 victories) and the highest scoring German pilot on the Invasion Front, allegedly gaining 29 victories there after being transferred from the Eastern Front. On 3rd September 1944, Lang led a flight of JG 26 Fw 190s from Melsbroek. After overcoming difficulties with raising his landing gear, Lang and his flight were subsequently intercepted by Allied aircraft to the south-east of Brussels. Lang’s aircraft was last seen in flames as it crashed into the Belgian countryside near St. Trond.

It has been argued that Lieutenant Darrell Cramer flying in a section of P-51 Mustangs (338th SQN 56th Fighter Group) shot down the German ace. However, in more recent studies it has been found that it was almost certainly 41 SQN Spitfire XIIs led by Flight Lieutenant Terry Spencer who shot down Emil Lang due to the time and location of the engagement.

Historical discrepancy: As IL-2 Sturmovik does not model the Spitfire XII I have chosen to substitute them with the Spitfire XIV seen in the video, as they are practically identical.

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Music: ‘Titan’ by Scott Buckley www.scottbuckley.com.au

Visuals: IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles

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