Could This be Henry? (Bendy or Lost One Survivor?)

Henry Stein, the man behind the demon and the protagonist of the first game, is a vital character to the Bendy story- and so far missing from trailers and teasers of Bendy and the Dark Revival... Or is he? Could it be that Henry's been hiding in plain sight, either in the skin of a Lost One or behind a Bendy mask? Let's take a look!

0:00 Who is Henry?
1:14 Could Henry be Bendy?
1:44 Becoming the Character (And losing everything else)
2:42 Becoming Bendy
03:22 Who's this guy?
3:58 A Possible Mislead
4:46 An Important Ally
5:27 How to become a Lost One
7:00 Possible Role/Inventor
7:35 Where is Tom?
7:53 Laying Out My Case
8:17 My thoughts on Henry being Bendy/the Lost One
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