Ceylon Tea Revisits & Revival EP 4 - WANARAJAH & WARLEIGH CHURCH

It covers some basic facts of Wanarajah Tea Processing Center and some interesting details of the historical Warleigh Church where more British nationals have found their final resting place than Sri Lankan natives! A good place to visit in the central hills of Sri Lanka!
Wanarajah Group is about half a kilometre from Dickoya town and its closest railway station is at Hatton, which is 4.8 km away. The factory is located at a very convenient location, overlooking Hatton / Bogawantalawa Main Road. I entered the boundary of the estate from Castlereagh Reservoir end after briefly admiring its surroundings. The name Wanarajah means “King of the Forest.” Wanarajah Group of plantations include Warleigh and Summerville divisions, bordering the reservoir, giving them additional attraction to their beautiful tea fields. I was told the waters of the reservoir help the surrounding estates maintain a cool temperature and also helps in providing abundant rainfall throughout the year. I did experience the coolness in the atmosphere while travelling through the area.
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