Brownman Revival - Binibini (cover by J. Ang / Dr. Jones)

BINIBINI –a 1970s OPM hit originally recorded by the Rainmakers; revived by Noel Cabangon, Janno Gibbs, Brownman Revival, among other recording artists in the Philippines– as performed by Dr. Jones / J. Ang and recorded on a Huawei P8 android phone at El Barbero's Residence, The Istana Village, Malagasang 1-F, Imus, Cavite, Philippines on Thursday, 7 April 2022
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Videographer: Dr. J


The Rainmakers are a Filipino singing group composed of Joel Macanaya, Joseph Lansang, Ramon Villanueva, and Jojo Grospe. it was precisely in the thick of the rainy season of 1969 when the Rainmakers was formed and named after the prevailing weather.

The singing group was organized to represent UST High School in the Student Catholic Action (SCA) vocal group competition. Following the audition of more than a hundred aspirants, 10 members were chosen. Among them were Joel Macanaya, Luke Gaston, Jojo Grospe, Ed de Guzman and Tom Callueng.

Inspired by the vocal textures of such seminal groups as the Beatles, Beachboys, Lettermen and Sandpipers, the early Rainmakers were an instant success, winning the SCA contest’s grand prize for two consecutive years.

Later in college, they turned professional as a quintet composed of Joel, Luke, Ed, Tom and Jojo. They made regular appearances on TV with Nora Aunor on Channel 5 and on Channel 11’s Lunchbreak.

When they graduated in 1973, Ed and Tom left the group for more conventional pursuits. In 1974, Joseph Lansang — with his crystal-clear falsetto — took their place. It was around this time that the group, fueled by an increasing confidence in their talent, made the quantum leap of writing their own material. As their musicality, creativity and overall professional finesse grew by leaps and bounds, there was never any doubt that they were bound to attract the attention of music industry bigwigs. The latter soon materialized in the person of Snaffu Rigor and George Canseco, who gave them the opportunity to record their first single under Vicor Records. The song was Pang-umaga, Pang-tanghali, Pang-gabi, the theme song of the movie with the same title.

They also recorded an adaptation of the Carpenters’ hit song I Won’t Last A Day Without You, with Tagalog lyrics written by Canseco himself.

Soon after this long-awaited big break, they went to Osaka (Japan) for a three-month stint in various clubs and hotels.

They came back in time for the release of their first single and, more importantly, an offer from Vicor to produce a full-length album. This gave birth to their biggest hit Binibini, composed by Joseph Lansang while confined at home with a bad case of sore eyes. The rest, as they say, is history. The song catapulted the Rainmakers to the forefront of Pinoy pop.

Other notable songs from that album were Talagang Sa Iyo, Ale-ale, OK Ka Sa Akin, Gabi’t Araw (theme song of Vilma Santos’ movie Burlesque Queen) and the theme song of FPJ’s Totoy Bato.

Throughout the ‘80s, they received numerous awards and accolades here and abroad. Among them was the Aliw Award for Best Group Performer (for two consecutive years). Responding to sustained public demand, they performed in countless music bars and leading clubs as well as in concerts throughout the country. They also recorded more songs under Discorp with Danny Olivares as producer. Among them were Oh, Baby, Let’s Start A New Day, and Song Of Love.

In the ‘90s, once again proving their durability, the Rainmakers came out with yet another big hit, You And Me, written by Ramon Villanueva. In their ensuing resurgence, they did many concerts here and abroad. So successful were they that they were asked to do return engagements in various places like Hong Kong, Italy, and Canada.

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