British Patriotic Songs and Marches Medley from The Great War (WW1; 1914 – 1918)

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Performed by the Central Band of the Royal British Legion;

00:00 Patriotic song "Oh, What a Lovely War!"
00:52 Patriotic song & March "It's a Long Way to Tipperary" (1912)
02:14 Patriotic song "Keep the Home Fires Burning" (1914)
03:00 Patriotic song "I'll Make a Man of You"
03:31 Patriotic song "Pack Up Your Troubles (In Your Old Kit Bag)" sometimes AKA "Smile, Smile, Smile"
04:03 Patriotic song "Goodbye-ee!"
04:35 Patriotic song "And When They Ask Us" sometimes AKA "We'll Never Tell Them"
05:53 Unique Outro using "Oh, What a Lovely War!" Motif
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