Between the Sheets - World Building | D&D Talk Show

A Dungeons and Dragons discussion looking at various ways to world build homebrew content for campaigns or one-shots.

The Roll Slayers (DnD Podcast - Friday Mornings Central Time)
Tyler Hardin (Texas, USA) - Dungeon Master

Fates Grip (DnD Twitch Stream - Tuesdays 6:45pm AEST)
Emily - Player
Jordan - Player

Talk Show Synopsis:
Listen to Valiant, Tyler, Emily and Jordan discuss worlds they've played, created or just thought of. These amazing DnDers discuss world building in general, the process of world building and content creation, answer viewer questions and cap it all off by group building Shifter Lore for DnD Valiant Odyssey. They share ideas they have and what has worked in the past. Tune in to get ideas for your world and campaign, content creation methods or just an amazing chat between these four people.

Valiant Odyssey Socials:
Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/valiantodysy
Podcasts: https://linktr.ee/DnDValiantOdyssey
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00:50 - Guest Introductions
05:30 - Talk Show Introduction
06:20 - What is World Building?
07:50 - Question 1: What fandom/world building most influences you?
15:20 - Question 2: What are your contributions to world building experiences?
20:25 - Question 3: How deep do you go and how much do you share with players?
25:30 - Question 4: What core DnD content and outside content influences you?
32:40 - Question 5: What part is your favourite to create?
38:30 - Parts and features of world you made (Geography)
41:30 - Parts and features of world you made (World Origins)
45:20 - Parts and features of world you made (Magic)
55:45 - Parts and features of world you made (Deity, Gods & Pantheons)
1:04:30 - How has any of your PCs influenced the world's history?
1:11:20 - Community Questions
1:19:50 - Group World Building - Shifter Lore in Valiant Odyssey's "Kalimvoor"
2:04:00 - Goodbyes

Intro Music by Kevin Macleod
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