BCS Preliminary English Literature; Renaissance Period, Elizabethan period & Important Writers.

BCS Preliminary English literature
Elizabethan period is one of the Sub periods of Renaissance period.
there are 4 sub periods in Renaissance period..
==1500 to 1558 is called Preparation of Renaissance.
1. 1558 to 1603 Elizabethan Period
2. 1603 to 1625 Jacobean Period
3. 1625 to 1648 Caroline Period
4. 1648 to 1660 Commonwealth period.

the Important Writers of Elizabethan Period are
University Wits: (Writers Who wrote and staged daramas)
C Marlowe
Thomas Kyd
Thomas Nashe
Thomas Greene
John Lily
George Peele
Thomas Lodge..

Fancies Bacon
William Shakespeare
Philip Sydney
Edmand Spenser are the most important Writers of the period...

BCS Helpline English Literature Class
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