Axis Power vs Allied Power WW2 (1936-1945)Japan,Germany,Italy,United States, Russia, United Kingdom

The war is before our eyes Russia vs Ukraine and don't let World War 3 happen. We don't forget the history of World War 2 that happened in this world. between the allied blocs, the leaders of the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom and the United States, and the axis bloc, the Empire of Japan, Nazi Germany and the Kingdom of Italy Let's compare the strength of the allied powers vs. the axis powers in world war 2. The subjects compared include GDP, Military Personnel and population during World War 2 occurred in 1936-1945. comparison of allied strength vs. axis power in terms of economy, military, and population in bar chart visualization. watch the video don't forget to like and comment.
About this channel: human brain tends to process visual information much easier than written information, this channel shares some interesting data in time based data visualization to make it simpler and cooler.
Source: Wikipedia,Imf, world in data
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