Ancient Builders and Secret History | Part 1 | Revival Series

History is not merely a collection of data points, facts and figures. It is a significant guiding principle. Indian history is replete with ancient wisdom that radiates a level of depth and uniqueness. The fundamental understanding of natural buildings stems from civilisations and customs that education systems have spent decades to reduce and censor, giving us less than half the picture of our unique history. Every age and generation has its cultural flaws and cultural achievements. Our duty is to salvage the best from a passing culture and use it as a foundation for future generations. The history of natural construction is rooted in the unparalleled ancient wisdom of a people who recognised the fundamental needs of humanity and the constitution of nature in the totality of all contexts. As an introduction to the topic, we will explore the relics of an ancient and globally connected civilisation whose watchers and teachers have long departed, leaving behind a set of teachings that can be utilized at best in order to prudently shape our communities and our environment.

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0:00 What do we come from?
1:15 Advanced Ancient Civilizations
4:53 Sustainability of Ancient buildings
8:04 Indo-European Connections
10:39 Neolithic Sites and Ancient Languages
13:39 First Civilisations
16:41 Building Techniques of Ancient India
19:05 Thannal’s Practice
22:37 Ancient Libraries and Documentation

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