Aftermovie Rockin'1000 at Stade De France, Paris 2022

On 14 May 2022 we performed in front of 50.000 people: life will never be the same again! In this video we tried to describe the emotion of those magic days from our musicians' points of view.

★ Who Are We ★
In 2015 1000 Rockers performed simultaneously "Learn to Fly" by the Foo Fighters in Cesena - Italy.
The video got more than 32 million views and the Foos actually held a concert in town!
Since then we organize concerts with 1000 musicians playing together the songs that made the glorious History of Rock!

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★ Produced by Rockin'1000 ★
We are a team of professional producers, film makers, communication experts, and sound engineers, but above all, music enthusiasts.
We organize massive events where thousands of musicians perform simultaneously.
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