Adolf Hitler's Failed Operation Barbarossa Invasion Of Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union - Russia WW2

Operation Barbarossa was the code name for the failed invasion of the Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union by Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany. This massive Invasion started on Sunday 22nd June 1941 during World War II.   Hitler had a pact or truce with Stalin that neither country would attack or invade the other.  Only after Adolf Hitler lost the Battle of Britain he was lost on what to do next or who to attack next.   Hitler made the biggest blunder in his life that would result in his losing his life and the total destruction of Nazi Germany in early 1945.

This would be one of if not the biggest battle in mankind's history. With some 6 plus million German & Russian soldiers facing off in a do or die battle.   The battle would see the largest ever tank on tank and artillery on artillery battles ever.  

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